Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shooting the VOID for Mercedes & Opel

Scouting panorama, Ellis Island
NYC skyline from Ellis Island

...means producing images without a product 'on location'!
We did this for Opel Europe and Mercedes Benz. Like in Hollywood's special effects  the final image is CGI 'rendered' in a computer, here shooter & client
Computer generated interior
Tom Grammerstorf.
It all makes you believe the car is actually on a location.

Similarly we took to the streets of Manhattan, to film the 'VOID' behind a camera truck for a Mercedes-Benz E 550 film. The actual car was shot in a studio in Europe with the footage 'composited' later in a computer. What's most tricky while filming is to 'protect an empty space' behind the camera car from aggressive cabbies who want to take over the street right there! This is the VOID in the footage where the studio car will be 'dropped in' later in the compositing process. But see or yourself... doesn't it look like the car is traveling through New York City?