Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the Vault: The Maybach World Premiere

Some shows belong into the 'Great Events' book and this one no less! Six months after 9/11 our friends from OSK and Daimler decided to bring a major event to New York City. Bring the world's press to the Big Apple and create the most spectacular car reveal ever conceived: Put the new ultra-lux Maybach sedan in a glass container, ship it across the Atlantic atop the ocean cruiser Queen Elizabeth 2...and upon arrival on the Hudson fly in a giant sky crane chopper to pick up the 'car-in-glass container' and drop it in front of the assembled ...and stunned press crowd.

No small feat, the 'Behind The Scenes Film' by Edward Basile our star intern on his graduation thesis film. Our team was instrumental from initial concept and the lead on the ground with key production support throughout, one for the ages!!

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